The Process

You’ll love the way we work together as a team. Here’s how…

Before we meet

We recommend you take time to discover your style. Trust you instincts. Collect pictures of rooms, furniture, colors and window treatments that catch your eye. And, images of what you don’t like. Time taken now, saves time and money later.

Preliminary meeting

Together, we map out the scope of your project, your goals, timelines, budget and fees.

Second meeting

Written Proposal Presentation – We will describe the project in detail, outlining exactly what is or isn’t included and an estimate of overall cost and timelines. Project sign off.

Design meeting

We present design drawings, priced material and furniture samples, craft specialists and a schedule for your approval.

Contract Approval

Once samples are signed, we begin ordering supplies, booking trades and the project really kicks off.

Fees and charges

We always provide quotes and estimates for your approval before starting any project.