Hotel Interior Design

The first impression is what you would be looking for in a hotel. And the lobby has always been the best place for the guests to know what you are all about and it provide the mood of the hotel upon entering the it. The concept of the lobby being a place for guests to check in has changed to be a more interactive way for guests to spend time in. Lately hotel lobbies are changing to increase the relationship between the guests and the hotel. A multifunctional approach in the design will engage the guests in social settings by providing them with meeting areas, bar, lounge, restaurant, business center and game room. Combining social areas will provide a common place for guests to meet, greet, eat, relax, and do work-related tasks.

Making a change

With the first impression when the guests come into the lobby will attract them to spend more time in the hotel and will lead them to consume fthe offerings that are provided while they work, relax or entertain resulting in repeat business and increase return on investment.

A lobby renovation will provide opportunities to reevaluate the use of all of the public areas generating more sales on food, drinks, and goods generating more income to the establishment.

A restaurant incorporated in the new lobby will make the space more interactive for guests to consume what the hotel has to offer.

A business center should not be hidden away, but should be made available for guest to see and purchase gifts and souvenirs.

A bar area connected to the lobby activities will make the over all space more inviting and accessible.

Renovation Advantages

Those kinds of changes when well planned can lower operating expenses and increase of the hotel return on investment opportunities.

All of these can be completed in a cost-effective manner with minimal disruption to guests and employees alike by prioritize planning and strategy.

Owners, operations staff, and design team need to outline their priorities to get on the same page before any work.

How to proceed

  • We will identify any functions required in the new lobby design.
  • Identify for areas that are underutilized from an operations standpoint, and rectify issues.
  • Develop a program of spaces, sizes and functional relationships in conjunction with the design team.
  • Provide project management is essential to bring all the spaces concepts together. Good qualified project management will establish the project budget, schedule and phases planning.
  • Establish the best timeline for the lobby renovation will minimize disruptions to guests and employees.
  • Input from all key personnel will lead to a successful implementation of the new lobby and prevent mistakes.


We will offer cost-effective measures in order to maximize your investment and minimize the disruption.

New lobbies may require more power and data connections so it is imperial to minimize relocation of services. We will aim to utilizing existing plumbing and power in order to avoid having to tear down walls or digging floors reducing cost and time. However; at times it might be sensible to relocate the amenities to increase visibility resulting and increased return of investment.

Renovating in phases will minimize disruption while construction. Creating temporary counters for the front desk, etc. will still enable the hotel to serve and to collect revenue with minimal disruption.

By investing money in the lobby, owners can enhance guests’ first impression experience. By creating a more vibrant and functional space will make the guest perception and comfort of the hotel more accessible and will make it more desirable for them to use the space. The interrelated spaces will produce increased revenue leading to guest loyalty.