Hotel Interior Design in Edmonton

Hotels lobbies are different from other places of business. They should be more than aesthetically pleasing—though that is very important, of course. They’re part of the hospitality industry, so they should meet all the standards of convenience and luxury that the modern world can provide. A hotel lobby shouldn’t just have some faux-leather chairs and a reception desk. Newcomers should walk through your hotel’s sliding doors and find themselves in a dynamic multi-use space. There should be areas for formal meetings, casual drinks, laptop workers, and electronic battery-charging stations. A coffee table with last back issues of Time magazine and an old sofa just won’t cut it these days.

Do you want to revitalize the lobby of your Edmonton hotel? Do you want to see what creative space segmentation can do for you, your staff, and most importantly your guests? Then call Shantam Interiors Inc. We are at the forefront of commercial interior design in Edmonton. With a strong focus in hotel lobby design, Shantam Interiors Inc is more than confident we could transform your hotel lobby.

Inspirational Hotel Lobby Design by Shantam Interiors Inc

Humans are visual creatures. Their decisions are often influenced by the snap-judgments made when they first lay their eyes on another person, place, or thing. These first impressions and gut-feelings carry more weight when it comes to their own comfort and well-being. How accommodating could a weary traveler expect a hotel to be if its lobby featured not even the most basic features of hospitality design?

By applying all the tricks of the interior design trade, Shantam Interiors Inc will provide your hotel with a lobby that will help generate interest in nearby kiosks, licensed beverage areas, and eateries. A quality lobby shouldn’t hide these profit-generating vendors, restaurants, and retailers in the deep recesses of their hotel, they should place them front and centre. Doing so will ensure that their visible to any newcomer, whether it is a person looking for a last-minute booking or one of your hotel’s regular customers will see them.

A savvy hotel designer should not only have newcomers and guests who are checking-in in mind, they should also be thinking of those travellers who have already paid for their room. A great hotel in Edmonton is one that provides their guests with a full suite of experiences. They should be able to lounge, exercise, eat, and socialize without leaving the lobby.

Shantam Interiors Inc is one of Edmonton’s most revered interior design firms. We not only have the expertise to give your hotel lobby a modern touch, but we also have the professional contacts to get you the furniture, light fixtures, painters, and contractors your project needs.

Do you want to add a touch of ambiance to your lobby with soft lighting? Do you want your lounge area to function as a workstation for remote workers? Shantam Interiors Inc can do all this and more. All you have to do is call us for a free, no-obligation consultation and we’ll be there.