Residential Interior Design in Edmonton

Whether you’re looking to transform a room or your entire home, Shantam Interiors Inc is the go-to company for interior design in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

With over 18 years of experience, Etienne Grossi is the man behind it all. Design isn’t just his livelihood—it’s his passion. He started Shantam Interiors Inc with the goal of bettering interiors with integrity and transforming everyday spaces into art.

To get started on redefining the look of your home, contact us at (780) 903-3552 to schedule a preliminary consultation.

Personalized Home Interior Design

Not exactly sure which direction you want to go in? The first step is figuring out what you like. The best way to do this is to dive into the wonderful world of design. We suggest doing this before you meet with us, so we can get an idea of your style from the get-go.

Once you sit and have a chat with us, we’ll pinpoint what your personal style is and figure out the best way to implement it into your home design.

Feel free to look through our diverse portfolio of work. You can pull ideas from different projects to come up with your very own. And if you already know what you like, you’re all set.

A Collaborative Interior Decorating Company

During a consultation, we will discuss your project, your budget and all the details in between. We’re happy to give interior decorating suggestions, but it’s ultimately your choice. This is your space, after all.

We’ll work with you hand-in-hand to bring your vision to life. We will provide you with a written proposal, design drawings, and furniture samples. Before you know it, your space will come together exactly how you pictured it.

A Residential Interior Designer with an Eye for Form and Color

At Shantam Interiors Inc, we’re firm believers that functional accent pieces and color are what make a room. With the help of these two elements of design, we can effectively strike a great harmony and vibrancy within a home. Whether it’s with earthy tones or shades of grey, a pop of color will liven any room. As well, a great piece of furniture can completely reinvent how a room looks.

The Interior Design Company That Knows the Importance of Art

Artwork can carry a theme or add needed texture to tie together a space. It’s also an essential part of carrying over colors within a room.

Interior design can either begin or end with artwork. If you have a piece you absolutely love, we’ll start there. Taking inspiration from its colors, the room will come together easily. Otherwise, artwork can also be the final touch, adding a certain something-or-other to just about any space.

Shantam Interiors Inc: A Renowned Interior Designer in Edmonton

As Avenue magazine says, Etienne’s signature expertise is something to rave about. With his excellent eye for detail, no element goes overlooked, form meets function, and colors pop like never before.

Voted Most Outstanding Boutique Interior Design Firm!

Give us a call at (780) 903-3552 for a world class residential interior design service.