Interior Design in Edmonton

Are you looking for a dependable and highly experienced interior designer to bring your vision to life?

Shantam Interiors Inc specializes in all aspects of interior design for new and existing homes, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial locations.

What sets us apart is our exceptional attention to detail, sourcing abilities, and passion for all things creative and eclectic. No matter how heavily or how lightly you’d like to be involved with the design process, we can transform your dreams into tangible realities.

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Full-Service Interior Decorating and Design

Every day, Shantam Interiors Inc transforms homes and businesses into striking, practical, deeply personal locales.

As specialists in interior decoration, we leave no detail overlooked and no idea unaddressed. From the main components of a space to the last accessories, Shantam Interiors Inc’s vision for unified and logical design means a distinctive environment for each client. Tastes, preferences, and habits are subjective, and we get to know each client to create a space that is the perfect extension of themselves.

Shantam Interiors Inc’s discerning eye for quality and wide range of services make us the most forward-thinking interior design firm in Edmonton. Each step of the process, from the preliminary sketches to the final installation, is completed meticulously and we always explore every option.

Our interior design services include our exceptional sourcing abilities. Shantam Interiors Inc works alongside some outstanding manufacturers and suppliers of both new and antique products, and can expertly locate even the rarest, most obscure items. We source furniture, fine art, lighting, fabrics, fixtures, and many other items for our customers.

When you work with Shantam Interiors Inc, there is no such thing as compromise.

Consultation Process for Interior Decoration

Prior to our initial consultation, we encourage our clients to discover and explore their own style. It’s important that you have a sense of your interior design ideals, and it’s just as important that you know what you don’t like.

After realizing the goals of your project, we’ll determine a comprehensive schedule including timelines, budgets, and fees. You’ll be presented with a written product proposal and design drawings for your consideration. Once the trades have been contracted, your interior design installation will begin.

In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying the interior of your dreams each day.

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Residential Interior Design

Whether you are creating a new interior or renovating an existing one, you can depend on our expertise.

Our familiarity with an incredible range of styles and schemes allow us to provide extensive interior decorating services for the needs of any client or family.

You’ll appreciate our exceptional sourcing, detailed plans and schedules, and customized approach. The home you’ve always wanted is within reach!

Commercial Interior Design

Shantam Interiors Inc also specializes in commercial interior decorating and designing services.

We have experience creating spectacular interiors for hotels, restaurants, retail settings, and many other commercial facilities.

Your staff, clientele, and associates will be filled with admiration for your new interior configuration. No matter the vision you have for your business, we have the abilities and resources to bring it into fruition.

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